The benefits of Relational Partnering – report launch

This week, Public Sector Plc (PSP) launched a new report looking at the benefits of relational partnering for the public sector. This approach offers local authorities an alternative to traditional in-house and out-sourcing models.  

The report, launched at the House of Lords was released on the 21st anniversary of relational partnering first coined being by PSP’s Chairman Richard Smith. It looks at the benefits generated by the 21 partnerships PSP is currently engaged in and makes recommendations on how such an approach can generate long-term benefits and additional revenues for shrinking public sector budgets.

Regeneris Consulting assisted PSP by looking at the social, economic and wider benefits generated by the over 100 completed and ongoing projects promoted by its current partnerships. Following this we looked at the potential benefits if relational partnering were adopted more widely (up to 353 partnerships in England). We estimate that if adopted country-wide relational partnering could generate up to £6 billion in investment in construction, result in up to 38,000 new homes and support up to 70,000 on-site and supply chain jobs.

 The report, considering the benefits of relational partnering can be accessed via PSP’s website. For more information about this works or how we can assist with economic and social value benefit assessments please visit our website or contact the Regeneris London office on 0207 336 6188.  


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