Rugby Football Union Publishes Report on Unity Project

We are delighted to see that the Rugby Football Union has published its report on the Unity Project, with Regeneris having carried out the review for the RFU and its partners World Rugby, Rugby Europe and UK Sport.

The multi-country Unity Project was a key part of the Lead Up and Legacy plan for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, focused on supporting the growth of rugby as a participation sport across Europe and on developing the competitive strengths of 17 nations extending from Portugal to Russia.

Regeneris assessed the qualitative outcomes of the Unity Project and the progress achieved against the project’s objectives. As part of the evaluation, we carried out a survey of the 17 participating nations and their partner Constituent Bodies to understand their experiences of the project. The work was an important part of a wider research project which sought to demonstrate the value of the project’s activities and generate lessons for future World Cup legacy activities.

Our evaluation report provided evidence about the types and scale of impacts that Unity created alongside a set of practical lessons about aspects of the project’s delivery.

The full report can be found here.


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