Regeneris to Assess Geothermal Energy Scheme

Cheshire East Council has commissioned Regeneris Consulting to undertake an economic impact assessment of a proposed district heating scheme using geothermal energy based in Crewe. The scheme will be developed in three distinct phases over the period 2015 to 2030, connecting up to 17 heat nodes, and requiring up to three geothermal wells. Although geothermal energy is still in its infancy across Europe and very limited in the UK, the attractiveness of a proposed geothermal scheme lies in the opportunity to access and use a renewable energy resource, providing a low carbon heat source for use in district heating systems, and to contribute to the economic development of Cheshire East and regeneration of Crewe through the promotion of the low carbon economy.

Our evaluation will detail the schemes potential climate change benefits, affordability benefits, gross and additional economic impact benefits, wider economic benefits and contributions to the North West economy. The assessment will provide robust socio-economic evidence to underpin the business case for the scheme and other associated funding bids. It will also provide valuable materials to feed into the communication strategy for the project, providing marketing and PR materials. If you would like to discuss this or any of our other work relating to economic impact, low carbon energy and renewables, please contact Neil Evans.


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