Regeneris Helps Design Financial Instruments for Sustainable Economic Development

Brexit Uncertainties for ESIF Funded Financial Instruments

Brexit raises a number of uncertainties about the future of the European Structural and Investment Funds and the role of financial instruments as delivery mechanisms for substantial parts of the urban development, business competitiveness and climate change agendas. However, these financial instruments can play a more important role given the opportunity to set-up and fund sustainable long term delivery mechanisms. These mechanisms also offer the flexibility to incorporate the likely shift from European programmes to UK funded regional development going forward.

Opportunity for Financial Instruments to Drive Sustainable Economic Development in the Future

Regeneris Consulting is currently working with the Welsh Government and Cheshire, Warrington, Lancashire, Kent and Medway LEPs on the market need for urban development funds and design of financial instruments for business finance.  These organisations all recognise the opportunity that financial instruments can provide in driving sustainable urban development in their economies in these uncertain times.

If you would like to explore how Regeneris Consulting can assist you in the analysis of your economies and markets and the potential use of financial instruments, please contact Neil Evans (07763 121524) or Ricardo Gomez (07920 237247) in the first instance.


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