Regeneris and PRD Collaboration

As Regeneris seeks to grow and diversify, we are continually looking to form new partnerships and collaborations with like minded organisations. We are keen to broaden our offer, particularly when it comes to offering delivery solutions to complement our research and strategy work.

To this end, we are pleased to announce that Regeneris Consulting and PRD are launching a new, joint service offer to effectively integrate our place making, development, project leadership and evidence-based decision-making disciplines.

Our collaboration is founded in a shared ethos. We believe that successful, sustainable regeneration and development should be underpinned locally, by the social and economic conditions, and aspirations. Our approach runs against the grain of conventional market practices, where social and economic matters are often overshadowed by issues of technical viability and development economics.

By working collaboratively, Regeneris and PRD can support our clients to progress successfully through the full project life-cycle. We offer the combined skills of economic and social research, appraisal and strategy development through to planning, governance and development management.

More details are provided in our info sheet, which is accessible here: PRD Collaboration Leaflet. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.


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