Enterprising Whitechapel Strategy

Question: How can enterprise and economic growth be supported in Whitechapel?

Whitechapel is one of the most vibrant and ethnically diverse parts of London’s and has un-tapped growth potential. Tower Hamlets Council wanted to establish a clear and unique vision for Whitechapel shaped by a set of guiding principles to support future regeneration and development. The borough needed a better understanding of the economic and business opportunities from the Whitechapel Vision and to target priority sectors and actions.

Solution: a strategy for diversification and growth

Working in partnership with We Made That, Regeneris undertook detailed research into the activities and businesses currently operating in Whitechapel. We also consulted widely to explore how the economy might evolve in the future. Our analysis provided evidence to inform the delivery of new flexible, affordable workspaces in Whitechapel. We also tested out ideas which could introduce new activities into Whitechapel, change perceptions of the area and stimulate confidence in the future vision.

Impacts: a fresh growth drive for Whitechapel

Our work has underpinned over £1bn worth of investment into Whitechapel, given LB Tower Hamlets the confidence to acquire assets in the area and encouraged Transport for London to pursue more ambitious uses for land they own around Whitechapel Station. Our work has led to a greater focus on life sciences and medical technologies as part of the Mayor’s Med City plan and provided a framework to support creative and fashion businesses to trade locally. We also demonstrated the importance of an inclusive approach to growth which ensures local people and businesses are engaging in the opportunities in their area.


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