Western Dorset Employment and Skills Strategy

Question: What are the skills and employment prospects in Western Dorset and what should be done to drive local economic growth?

Local authorities in Dorset needed to better understand the skills and employability characteristics in their area and identify how they could better drive economic growth. This was part of a wider effort to better understand distinctive local assets and to make a compelling case for investment in Western Dorset.

Solution: rigorous data analysis of labour market

Regeneris analysed the supply of and demand for skills and employment across Western Dorset. We developed a baseline of evidence alongside growth forecasts to understand future needs and trends. Our team also interviewed businesses, public sector agencies and educational institutions to build up a more detailed picture of local factors and challenges. The action plan we developed set out strategic priorities for the medium and long-term and a more immediate delivery plan for action.

Impact: better understanding of local skills needs

Our analysis helped make the case for investment and was used to develop the wider economic growth strategy for Western Dorset. The action plan has allowed the councils in Dorset to make a stronger case for investment which better reflects the area’s economic growth potential. Our work has also informed the wider Dorset Strategic Economic Plan and helped projects through the growth deal funding process.

Regeneris have shown a professional work ethic and the ability to bring clarity and a focus to the issues and opportunities facing employment and skills in Dorset. The wealth of knowledge and experience of the Regeneris team was outstanding and across a broad range of subjects that included an economic analysis, labour market and skills assessment and audit of provision.
Regeneris undertook a wide range of engagement with local stakeholders, businesses and education/training providers which they delivered with consistently high-quality presentations and professionalism.

The recommendations from the study now form a strategic theme within Western Dorset Economic Growth Strategy which is being implemented from 2017.

As senior Economic Regeneration Officer for the Dorset Councils Partnership who commissioned a range of studies to inform our growth strategy, I would highly recommend Regeneris for future engagement and consultation on the economy, skills and employment. I have been impressed with the high quality output, openness and honesty around the issues faced and their interpersonal skills both with the Council and also the wide range of stakeholders in Dorset.
– Simon King
Senior Economic Regeneration Officer


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