The Economic Value of Cooperatives to the UK Economy

Question: What is the value of co-operatives on the UK economy?

Co-operatives UK is the national trade body for the country’s 5,000 active co-operatives. They wanted to understand their members impact on the national economy and explore the value they add in the many sectors in which they operate. They were eager to use evidence to lobby for a more favourable regulatory environment for co-operative sector growth.

Solution: Sector profiling and analysis of intelligence

Regeneris was asked to carry out an objective assessment of the contribution of cooperatives to the UK economy alongside an honest appraisal of their strengths and weaknesses. We profiled Co-operatives UK’s 5,000 members looking at indicators such as GDP, business survival, growth sectors and market share. Our team then advised on new approaches to assessing the economic performance of co-operatives.

Impact: Intelligence to help case-making for the sector

Our work generated insights that helped lobby for changes in legislation affecting the co-operative movement. The Regeneris findings have fed into a regulatory impact assessment that was submitted to HM Treasury and led to the Cooperatives Bill, which has vastly simplified legislation, making it easier to start and run a co-operative and helping to create a more level playing field with other business models.


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