South West Herts Employment Land Review

Question: How much employment land and floorspace does South West Hertfordshire need?

Dacorum, Hertsmere, Three Rivers and Watford Councils wanted to assess how the South West Hertfordshire economy might change over 25 years in order to make sure enough employment land and premises are available to accommodate growth. They also required a review of the area’s existing employment sites and premises to understand whether additional sites might be needed.

Solution: a full range review of demand and supply

Regeneris carried out a thorough analysis of the full range of business sectors in the area, looking at their past performance, current strengths and forecast growth prospects, in line with national Planning Practice Guidance (PPG). Our team took account of market demand, including past rates of employment land take-up and developed growth scenarios using employment forecasts, past trends evidence and labour supply figures linked to the housing need assessment for the area. Our conclusions focused on the implications for future office, industrial and warehousing demand and were tested with business and public sector stakeholders as part of a consultation programme.

Impact: more sites identified for development

Our work is a critical part of the evidence for the local authorities’ emerging local plans. We have encouraged the authorities to identify additional sites to capitalise on their economic strengths and support growth, and helped the local planning teams understand the quantity, type and general location of new employment premises needed by businesses.

The Regeneris team worked very closely with the consultants appointed to carry out the Councils’ SHMA to ensure an appropriate link between the future demand for homes and jobs in the area.  We were very pleased with their professional approach and technical knowledge.  The final study report sets out a series of clear recommendation for each Council, and the area as a whole, which provides a sound basis for taking forward our Local Plans. We are happy to recommend Regeneris to other Councils looking to undertake similar work.”

Mark Silverman, Policy and Transport Manager, Hertsmere Borough Council


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