RenewableUK Cymru Economic Impact

Question: What is the economic value of onshore wind to Wales?

RenewableUK Cymru, the Welsh Government and a consortium of energy developers wanted to understand the current and likely future economic contribution of the onshore wind sector to the Welsh economy.

Solution: extensive surveying of the wind farm industry

Regeneris was appointed to this high-profile study to explore the economic benefits for Wales and its localities up to 2050. Working with Cardiff Business School, we interviewed industry representatives, policymakers and people in areas with wind farms. We surveyed all the active developers in the wind farm market to map the nature and scale of their current operations and future construction plans. Our team used this evidence to prepare detailed economic modelling of growth scenarios for the industry and in-depth case studies of existing wind farms to understand the expenditure and activity that is likely to be retained in Wales.

Impact: insight and evidence supporting sector development

Our report found that the Welsh Government’s targets for sector growth would trigger a £2.3 billion injection into the Welsh economy, supporting 2,000 jobs per year up to 2050. Our conclusions were used by Welsh Government to support investment and expansion in the wind farm sector across the country.


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