National Business Rates Review

Question: How do property rates affect businesses?

The British Property Federation (BPF), the British Council of Shopping Centres and the British Council for Offices needed evidence to support their submission to a Treasury review of business rates.

Solution: complex econometric modelling

Regeneris undertook extensive data modelling to explore who bears the burden of business rate changes and what impact they have on the wider economy. Our team completed a detailed, peer-reviewed econometric analysis of the relationship between business rates and rental values. We looked across a range of timeframes, geographical markets and property types to understand the effect on landlords and tenants.

Impact: high profile impact on the future of business rates

The Regeneris report was submitted to Treasury and formed a major part of a joint submission to the review. The findings generated wide media coverage and supported the BPF case for more frequent valuations to reduce business uncertainty. The BPF has continued to use the Regeneris analysis to influence the national debate on the future of business rates.

This research by independent expert economists shows clearly that business rates inhibit beneficial property investment and development, and therefore are a barrier to much-needed growth and productivity.

– Ed Cooke, director of policy at the BCSC


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