National and Regional Impact of BT

Question: What is BT’s economic and social contribution to the UK?

BT is a major company employing tens of thousands of people across the UK and delivering vital infrastructure to help the economy and society function. BT needed to better understand the scale of its impact on communities across the country and to articulate how it helps local economies prosper.

Solution: detailed and flexible analysis of the scale and location of impacts

Since 2011, Regeneris Consulting has produced regular assessments of BT Group’s contribution to the UK economy, its regions and local areas. We work closely with the company to understand its contribution as an employer and as a purchaser of local goods and services. Our team has developed in-house modelling tools to estimate the range and location of major companies’ economic impacts. We have worked with BT to drive efficiencies in the way data is gathered to inform the assessment process.

Impact: clear and robust headlines generating interest

Our latest economic impact report found that BT and EE together contributed £1 in every £70 to the UK economy. Our analysis is used by BT to inform its PR and external affairs activities, and when bidding for new contracts where it is important to demonstrate a local footprint. Our latest economic impact report can be viewed here.

We have worked successfully with the Regeneris team over the past 6 years and would certainly recommend them as experts in their field, who deliver on time and are always very helpful. The team were able to complete the latest piece of work to a very challenging deadline. The report was published on time and picked up extensively by the press across the breadth of the UK giving us huge media coverage. The fact that Regeneris is independent and specialises in robust assessments of economic impact adds considerable weight to the report and we will use the core content extensively, both externally and internally, over a 2 year period.

– Beth Courtier, Head of Regional Communications, BT Group


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