Marches SEP Evidence Base and Skills Action Plan

Question: What should the Marches LEP do to improve skills and economic growth?

The Marches LEP needed a stronger evidence base to identify which sectors, locations and communities might secure future growth in the economy. The partnership was particularly keen to understand how the local labour market was performing and to identify the barriers to a better supply of skills for businesses.

Solution: extensive data analysis and consultation

We used data analysis to identify the challenges and opportunities facing Shropshire, Herefordshire and Telford & The Wrekin. We explored the business base, physical infrastructure, labour force and skills, to understand the factors shaping the local economy. We consulted with organisations and surveyed local businesses to better understand the local context and worked with the Marches LEP Board to agree skills priorities for future action.

Impact: stronger shared understanding of priorities

The evidence we generated was used to inform the Growth Deal bid to central government which has unlocked substantial investment for the area and was used as a platform for a wider refresh of the LEPs strategic economic plan. The Marches LEP uses the skills strategy to help local colleges and training providers make their courses more relevant to growing businesses and to ensure they better address local skills shortages.


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