London Heathrow Economic Impact Study

Question: What is the economic impact of the expansion of Heathrow airport?

The Thames Valley Berkshire LEP and partners wanted to understand whether proposals to create a hub airport at an alternative location would have a detrimental impact on the role and economic impact of Heathrow. The partnership needed an evidence base to inform a submission to the Airports Commission looking into future airport capacity in the South East.

Solution: alternative development scenarios modelled

Regeneris modelled three scenarios for growing airport capacity including the third runway at Heathrow, a new airport to the east of London, and a do nothing scenario. Our team found that a new hub airport built elsewhere would lead to over 100,000 job losses at Heathrow airport (if the airport closed) and nearly twice that many local jobs being put at risk. A third runway at Heathrow Airport would create at least 35,000 additional jobs and generate over £3 billion in economic output.

Impact: convincing evidence, supporting the plan

Our work was submitted to the Airports Commission and informed their decision to support Heathrow Airport’s expansion. Heathrow airport is now taking forward its plans to develop a third runway.


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