Leeds City Region Manufacturing Sector Review

Question: Which advanced manufacturing sub sectors have the greatest investment potential?

Leeds & Partners wanted to prioritise investment opportunities and target advanced manufacturing sector markets with the greatest potential for success. In-depth analysis was needed to identify and better understand the knowledge assets in the area, the key companies trading locally, competitor locations and target sources of investment for growth.

Solution: deep dive assessment into manufacturing sub-sectors and supply chains

Regeneris undertook a top-down review to benchmark Leeds City Region’s competitive offer as a destination for manufacturing business. We assembled an extensive evidence base which assessed market size, cost, flexibility, skills, openness, performance, incentives, infrastructure and general business environment. We reviewed data on six headline sub-sectors operating locally to map key businesses, assess drivers of investment and gauge competitive advantage. Our team then undertook deep-dive assessments into narrower market areas which included medicine manufacturing, speciality chemicals & coatings, precision engineering, turbos, pumps & valves and agri-tech/food & drink.

Outcomes: deeper understanding of Leeds City Region’s comparative standing

We have helped deepen Leeds City Region’s understanding of its advanced manufacturing strengths and weaknesses. Our work has identified sources of competition for investment and the drivers which shape investment decision-making in crucial sub-sectors of the economy. Our extensive analysis has helped West Yorkshire Combined Authority prioritise its investment in manufacturing sectors and under-pinned a series of inward investment propositions which highlight LCR’s offer to manufacturers and investors.


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