King’s Cross Social Value

Question: What is the impact of Argent’s approach to development at King’s Cross?

Argent has been leading development at King’s Cross since the early 2000s with a deliberately long-term approach that goes beyond traditional development to focus on place-making, community and environmental projects. Argent wanted to know whether their approach had added value for investors, occupiers and for people living and working locally.

Solution: a tailored assessment of development and place-making impacts

Regeneris reviewed all of Argent’s activities over the 15-year period. We looked at the development phase and how tenants were affected by the complementary community, cultural and environmental projects which had been delivered alongside the buildings. Regeneris created a new social impact model to reflect Argent’s local activities to clearly identify the value they have added at King’s Cross. Our modelling has been developed in a user-friendly way, so that it can be updated by the King’s Cross Partnership to report on future social value.

Impact: strong evidence of additional value

The re-development of King’s Cross is considered to be one London’s greatest recent successes. Our research and social impact assessment has generated credible evidence of Argent’s contribution to the progress that has been made.


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