Enterprise M3 Digital Sector Mapping

Question: How can Enterprise M3 develop its digital technology sector to accelerate local economic development and growth?

The Enterprise M3 LEP wanted to understand the size and structure of its digital technology sector and identify where it could develop economic advantage. The EM3 LEP wanted to know: Which sub-sectors are best represented locally? Where jobs are being created? What skills are needed to sustain growth? How can the infrastructure of connectivity and sites be further developed? What research and innovation assets sit within the Enterprise M3 area which could help secure a competitive advantage?

Solution: Understanding Barriers to Growth and Future Opportunities

Regeneris blended quantitative and qualitative analysis to develop a rounded stocktake of the digital sector in the EM3 area. We used public datasets and business directories to assess the digital business base and used GIS mapping to identify clusters and assets. We also engaged with businesses and research institutions to identify areas of innovation, productivity and international competitiveness and to understand the barriers to growth faced by the sector.

Outcomes: Enhanced Digital Business Community, Improved Digital Infrastructure and Better Funding Opportunities for M3 LEP

Our work found that the Enterprise M3 area is one of the most productive and fastest growing digital economies in the UK. We helped EM3 partners see how the sector could be developed with stronger collaborative links between industry and research. EM3 has used our report to focus their support on building a stronger community of digital businesses, improving digital infrastructure and promoting Enterprise M3 as a destination for digital investment.

I can confirm that Enterprise M3 appointed Regeneris Consulting Limited to deliver an analysis of the digital technologies sector between September and December 2015, including research and analysis of the sector and development of an economic plan and series of actions to support growth of the sector, and that this work was successfully delivered.
– Kathy Slack


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