Economic Case for Surf Snowdonia

Question: What are the economic impacts of the scheme and can we access public funding?

The Surf Snowdonia concept was developed in 2013. It aimed to bring in-land surfing to Wales, using the WavegardenTM technology, which was developed by a group of Spanish hydrological and mechanical engineers based in Bilbao, who also happen to be passionate surfers.

Those backing the scheme needed to access public funding and recognised that a robust economic and financial case was central to this.

Solution: an economic impact assessment and funding bid

Regeneris was appointed to articulate the substantial economic benefits the scheme would deliver locally and in the wider Conwy Valley area.

We worked closely with the Welsh Government to provide the economic and financial evidence needed to underpin their funding decisions. We completed both the business case and the funding application forms.

Impact: £4m secured and flagship new destination delivered

Our work was influential in securing just over £4m public investment in the scheme, in the form of grant plus loan.

Surf Snowdonia opened in 2015. Visitor numbers so far have been strong and in line with target, and the facility has hosted a number of globally significant surfing competitions. The Regeneris MD has even taken to the water.

Surf Snowdonia forms part of an impressive, and expanding, portfolio of action-based tourist facilities in North Wales.


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