Cheshire & Warrington Digital 2020 Strategy

Question: How can Cheshire and Warrington LEP provide its businesses with 21st century competitive digital connectivity?

Building on earlier rounds of investment in broadband, Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) wanted to explore how to secure major EU, UK, and private investment to support its Digital 2020 Vision. The partnership needed to know: where are the areas of poor connectivity? Which businesses might benefit from improved broadband? How can we support businesses to make the most of the new facilities? What more can be done to better connect SMEs to important R&D locations such as Jodrell Bank and Daresbury Science Park?

Solution: creating a business case and an economic evidence base for funding bids

Regeneris Consulting worked with local organisations to set priorities, generate costs estimates, establish delivery plans and assemble large scale funding bids. . We undertook cost modelling, options assessments, mapped current provision and estimated expected levels of demand.

Outcomes: funding proposals submitted and partner buy-in secured

We developed a business case for public sector investment based on demand mapping and estimated the scale of potential impact. We also developed funding proposals for EU investments and prepared formal documents for UK government procurement. Our evidence and was used to secure partner buy-in and promote the plan to businesses and stakeholders.


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