Brixton Economic Action Plan

Question: How can the benefits of economic growth be maximised for Brixton’s communities?

Lambeth Council needed an economic vision and action plan for Brixton. The area is facing a period of significant change: more people are wanting to live, work and invest in Brixton, but there are concerns that local people may not be benefiting. Lambeth Council needed evidence and a strong plan to engage with local people to influence growth in Brixton.

Solution: social and economic plan for growth

Regeneris produced a detailed evidence base of social and economic change in Brixton. This drew on sector mapping and extensive consultation with businesses, land owners and young people. Our proposals have included plans for new business space and mechanisms for reallocating profits from development to support positive economic development activity.

Impact: more investment, benefitting local people

We co-produced a strategy document which has ownership from local people and businesses and is being used by Lambeth Council to take forward the area and influence the work of other agencies. Our work provided a platform for all stakeholders to engage positively and has seen Brixton begin to secure more investment that benefits local people.

Regeneris have been a key partner in the delivery of our Future Brixton regeneration programme, supporting us in developing the Brixton Supplementary Planning Document, successful major funding bids to support delivery and project and programme evaluation. Their recent work on the Brixton Economic Action Plan has been invaluable in making the case for increasing the level of employment floor space in the town centre. It has also demonstrated how we can inform a shift in the local economy towards higher growth higher value businesses, while working to make sure the benefits of change are shared as widely as possible.
– Tom Bridgeman


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