Abbey Wood and South Thamesmead Economic Benefits

Question: How many additional jobs are likely to arise from the redevelopment and what are the implications of new homes for community infrastructure?

Peabody needed to understand the likely socio-economic effects that would arise from its proposal for a large-scale housing and mixed-use development at Abbey Wood and South Thamesmead. The evidence was needed to support four planning applications for the first phase of the development and to help the council understand how and where commercial and residential occupiers might relocate.

Solution: socio-economic and property market assessment

Regeneris carried out an assessment of the socio-economic characteristics of the area and mapped existing social and community infrastructure such as education, health, leisure and community facilities. We also calculated the scheme’s potential economic impacts covering on-site employment effects, residential expenditure benefits, population change and wider socio-economic outcomes.

Impact: planning permission secured

Peabody used our economic inputs as part of the planning application for the development and these were instrumental in planning approval being secured. Our work demonstrated the significant economic and regeneration benefits which the development would bring to this London Plan Opportunity Area and designated Housing Zone.


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