Press Release: Hatch Regeneris: New partnership

Hatch Regeneris: New partnership will provide integrated, multidisciplinary services from concept to completion

The Regeneris Directors are excited to announce that Regeneris Consulting has joined the Hatch group of companies. Hatch is a forward-thinking, multidisciplinary business with global reach, combining vast technical and business acumen.

Regeneris will join Hatch’s Urban Solutions practice, reshaping the world’s cities through innovative technical and strategic consulting services for public and private clients. Through industry-leading social and economic research and analysis, we will work with clients to drive smarter developments, anticipate climate change, create inclusive communities, secure financing, and increase competitiveness.

Hatch Regeneris, as a privately-held organisation, will provide unbiased, independent solutions to our clients, collaborators and stakeholders; delivering holistic solutions in the UK, and beyond.

“This transition marks an important step in the growth and evolution of our organisation.  It will allow us to better support and respond to our clients’ needs while maintaining the same independent, evidence-based rigour and quality to our work,” says Darren Wisher, Managing Director, Hatch Regeneris. “This is a fantastic opportunity. We are excited by the potential to draw on, and share, knowledge and expertise across Hatch’s global network.”

With offices in London and Manchester, Hatch Regeneris has a strong presence across the UK. The strength of this new partnership lies in the ability to draw on a global pool of leading technical experts. The combined skills and know-how of Hatch Regeneris will be readily available to solve the toughest challenges that clients face; helping them to make better, more informed decisions.

“Together, we will provide an integrated, multidisciplinary service in infrastructure development from concept to completion,” says Hatch’s Chairman and CEO John Bianchini. “Regeneris’ robust, high-quality social and economic research, analysis and advice to the private, public and non-profit sectors complements our global Urban Solutions team.”



About Regeneris Consulting

Regeneris is a leading, independent economics consultancy. We provide robust, high-quality social and economic research, analysis and advice to the private, public and non-profit sectors. We are passionate about delivering quality, evidence-based economic analysis and social insights to help our clients make better decisions. We aim to ensure they can have a more positive impact on people, places and the economy.

About Hatch

Whatever our clients envision, our engineers can design and build. With over six decades of business and technical experience in the mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors, we know your business and understand that your challenges are changing rapidly.  We respond quickly with solutions that are smarter, more efficient and innovative. We draw upon our 9,000 staff with experience in over 150 countries to challenge the status quo and create positive change for our clients, our employees, and the communities we serve.

For more information, please contact: Bob Pell, Managing Director, Hatch Urban Solutions +44 (0) 203 807 4502

Darren Wisher, Managing Director, Hatch Regeneris, +44 (0)7413 675 158


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