Neil Evans


Neil Evans



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Office: Manchester
Education: BSc (Econ) Economics, MSc Public Sector Economics
Areas of Expertise: Spatial economics, low carbon economy, economic infrastructure, economic impact assessment, policy and programme evaluation

Neil joined Regeneris in 2001 and has over 25 years’ experience as a development economist, working for the UK’s leading consultancies. He specialises in regional and local economic development, including the role of infrastructure, enterprise, skills and investment in driving competitiveness.

He focuses on designing, evaluating and improving the competitiveness of public sector policy and programmes.. His work in this field has included some of the UK’s largest high profile investment programmes and projects, including the EU Structural Fund programmes in England and Wales.

Neil is also an expert in public sector backed business finance and how this can effectively stimulate enterprise and innovation. So far, he has evaluated public sector backed investment funds with a combined capitalisation of more than £4 billion.

Neil also works with local economies to plan for and maximise the economic benefits of the low carbon energy. Recently, he worked closely with the Welsh Government on the economic benefits and funding of renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste minimisation. He also advises major renewable energy developers, including NuGen, Dong and RWE, on the socio-economic effects of their investments.

Outside of work, Neil spends far too much time riding his mountain bike, drinking craft beer and watching obscure foreign films.


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