“Our clients face tough decisions: What investments will address long standing underinvestment in infrastructure, housing or R&D? How much will it cost? How will we create a lasting impact? I like to work in close partnership with them, get underneath the data, explore the roots of the challenges they face and understand their perspective and priorities.”

Colin Crow

Senior Consultant

Colin Crow

Senior Consultant



T: 07840278981

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Office: Manchester
Education: BA Economics, Nottingham Trent University. MA International Development, University of Manchester
Areas of Expertise: Project appraisal and evaluation. Digital, R&D and transport infrastructure, business support and housing need.

Colin joined Regeneris in 2008 after studying economics and international development. His expertise lies in appraisal and evaluation, applying these to securing investments in commercial development, transport, digital and innovation infrastructure. He is also experienced in developing public-backed investment funds for SME finance and major infrastructure.
Most recently Colin has been leading appraisal projects bidding for Local Growth funding in Greater Manchester and the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. He is currently assessing the housing need case across several local housing markets and assisting the development of major investments in broadband and digital infrastructure across the UK.

Outside of work, Colin loves to run, cycle, walk in the countryside and go on new adventures with his 8-year-old son.


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