Major Study Shows Demand for 250,000 Jobs in the Science Industries by 2025

The Science Industry Partnership (SIP) has published its first Skills Strategy which is the culmination of a major research exercise, in which Regeneris provided expert advice on all strands of the research and drafted the final version of the strategy. The Skills Strategy identifies the skills required by employers to ensure that the UK science industry remains globally competitive. The science industry sector includes the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and medical technology industries.

Working with Cogent ( the UK’s strategic body for skills in the science industries), Regeneris estimated that the sector will need to fill 250,000 jobs by 2025. This forecast includes up to 142,000 professional level graduate entry jobs and up to 73,000 technical level apprenticeship-entry roles. The research also concluded that the skills needs of the future will be driven by the adoption of ‘key enabling technologies’, including informatics and big data, synthetic biology and biotechnology, advanced manufacturing and materials science.

Key Strategic Objectives and Recommendations

The strategy recommends collaboration between Government, industry and education providers in order to deliver the skilled workforce that the industry needs, particularly around standards development, funding and parity for vocational learning.  So far the SIP has already delivered more than 6,000 individual learners into the science sector in two years.

Other recommendations include:
  • Need for high quality provision and progression routes for vocational learners through Higher Education (HE).
  • National focus on building awareness of STEM industry careers and entry routes.
  • Urgent requirement for increased availability of practical work experience opportunities for HE students.
  • More transfer initiatives between NHS and the private sector.
  • Improved CPD for existing workforce, easier access and flexible short courses including more support for SMEs.
  • Priority attention on “red list” occupations – from informatics specialists to the technician workforce and continued monitoring of emerging skills needs.

The full strategy can be viewed here
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