Invest Northern Ireland

Regeneris has recently been appointed by Invest Northern Ireland to evaluate its Sustainable Development Support Programme (SDSP). The programme provides a wide range of resource efficiency and support schemes with the aim of improving the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of Northern Irish businesses.

The SDSP was introduced in October 2015 as the successor to the Sustainable Productivity Programme and has received funding approval of £7.8m over a three-year period. Its objectives include helping businesses to identify and implement cost savings in their use of energy, water and materials. It also promotes business opportunities in bio-energy supply chains.

The evaluation will assess the programme over its first two years, up until September 2017. It will review a range of measures including its overall performance, its economic and environmental impact and its value for money. This work will then be used to assess the likely economic and environmental benefits that could arise over the remainder of the programme. Ultimately, the evaluation’s findings will be used as evidence to inform decisions about Invest Northern Ireland’s future approach to sustainable growth and competitiveness. We will be working in partnership with CAG Consultants on this study.

For more information on our evaluation or energy work, please contact Neil Evans or Stuart Merali-Younger.



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