Intelligence-Led Insight Is Driving Strategic Decision Making in The Marches

Regeneris Consulting has recently finalised a comprehensive evidence base to support the refresh of the Marches Strategic Economic Plan on behalf of the Marches LEP.  As part of our commission we also worked with local education and training providers to develop a skills action plan to guide funding proposals and intervention over the next five years. Our team has undertaken extensive data analysis to provide a clear picture of the challenges and opportunities facing the LEP economy. This has been used most recently to inform the 2016 Annual Report.

Source: Marches LEP, 2016 Annual Report, p.2

We consulted extensively with key stakeholders including LEP Board Members, Council and LEP officers, providers and businesses.  Business engagement was a key thrust of our approach including one-to-one engagement, presentations to each of the three Business Boards, and a web-based survey. The research identified the scale of the demographic challenge, characterised by an ageing population and a shrinking pool of working age people, set against the projected demand for labour in the future. This contributes to a skills challenge for the economy which is characterised by skill gaps and shortages constraining business competitiveness and highlights the need for intervention to ensure skills infrastructure meets business needs.

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