Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) – Success

As part of an £866m investment fund to help unlock 200,000 potential new homes, the government has just announced the results of its HIF Marginal Viability Fund bidding process. We are delighted to hear that two significant housing schemes, supported by our work in North Northamptonshire have been successful in securing funding.

Stalled housing developments at Priors Park in Corby and Desborough North in Kettering will now be unlocked through £7.5 million of investment in local infrastructure improvements. Together these developments will deliver over 5,000 homes. It will support North Northamptonshire’s shared vision to expand its existing towns through a series of well-designed and attractive new communities that supports housing growth and underpin the local economy while contributing to the improvement and regeneration of its town centres.

Regeneris worked closely with the North Northamptonshire Joint Planning and Delivery Unit, Kettering Borough Council and Corby Borough Council to advise and support the development of these successful HIF funding applications.

For more information on how we can support you on developing a bid please contact Daniel Lindsay and Margaret Collins.


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