Hatch Regeneris unlocks £½ bn in HIF for new housing stock

Earlier this year the UK Government announced the latest round of Housing Infdsayrastructure Funding (HIF).  This funding will support large scale infrastructure investment that unlocks and enables housing development and building programmes. It is awarded on a competitive basis to local authorities in the UK for infrastructure schemes that can be delivered by 2024. It is divided into two streams:

  • Forward Funding: available for a small number of strategic and high-impact infrastructure projects.
  • Marginal Viability Funding which provides the final or missing piece of infrastructure funding to get additional sites allocated or existing sites unblocked quickly.

Hatch Regeneris has been working with clients across the country on a number of proposals of varying sizes and scale under both of these streams.  Under the Forward Funding, we have unlocked over £½ bn of funding for two strategically important sites which will lead to the development of over 23,000 new homes in areas of high need.

HIF Forward Funding bid for Transport for London (TfL) and the Greater London Authority (GLA)

Hatch Regeneris were part of the project team that developed a successful bid valued at £290 million. The project will provide capital investment in transport upgrades to the Dockland Light Railway (DLR) which in turn will unlock 18,000 homes in East London.

HIF Forward Funding bid for Cambridge Northern Fringe East

Hatch Regeneris worked with a multi-disciplinary team to successfully develop the economic case for this £227 million project.  Focused on relocating a water recycling centre, it will release a site for development and provides over 5,000 new homes in an area of high demand.

Hatch Regeneris have also been instrumental in supporting our clients to unlock smaller scale projects including £4 million to unlock a 5,000 homes scheme in Corby.

Daniel Lindsay, Associate Director Hatch Regeneris and lead on the HIF projects said

“The HIF fund represents a massive opportunity to unlock much needed housing programmes across the UK.  Often a well-considered piece of transport provision or infrastructure upgrade can be the key to allowing previously challenging sites to grow and flourish.  Our work delivers the economic rational to often complex and far reaching projects, making the case to deliver infrastructure that supports the current and future needs of a community and providing a sound basis on where future strategic growth should be prioritised.” 

For more information please contact Daniel Lindsay directly. 


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