Exploring the North West’s Productivity Performance

We are pleased to be working with Innovate UK and the North West Business Leadership Team on a study into productivity and innovation in the North West.

This issue of the productivity performance of the UK economy and its regions has received a lot attention in recent years. The experience of the North West is mixed, but overall the region lags behind the UK average. Innovation is an important driver of productivity and Innovate UK invests significant amounts in projects to boost innovation across the country. Innovate UK and the North West Business Leadership Team have, therefore, jointly commissioned this study to review existing data on both productivity and innovation, in order to shed some light on the spatial and sectoral factors underpinning the North West’s performance. Our work will help to inform how future Innovate UK support could be targeted at addressing these issues.

The work builds on Regeneris’s long track record in economic baselining, sectoral analysis and strategy development. For more information on the study or our work in this area, please contact Tim Fanning at t.fanning@regeneris.co.uk


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