Sector & Trade Bodies

We provide sector and trade bodies with socio-economic insights and produce compelling evidence to help in campaigns.

Our team helps sector and trade bodies to develop practical strategies that drive growth and encourage businesses to adapt to changing economic conditions. We also help our clients understand the impact their sector or supply chain is generating and advise them on how to maximise this impact.
We have worked with economic partnerships, growth hubs, memberships bodies, chambers of commerce and local networks to analyse strengths and opportunities for economic growth. Our work helps organisations better represent the needs of their members, secure new investment and evaluate the performance of support programmes.
We help business organisations agree strategic priorities, assess their impact and make the case to local and central government for policy and regulations that help them thrive.

Questions we have helped sector and trade bodies answer:
  • What is the potential impact of new regulations on our sector?
  • How many people are employed in our supply chain or market?
  • What benefits has our programme generated for the local economy?
  • How could we increase the effectiveness and impact of our programme?
  • How can I secure investment to improve the competitiveness of my members?



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