Economic Partnerships

We work with partnerships to help inform local and sector growth priorities.

Regeneris works with economic partnerships including more than half the local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) in the UK. We help partnerships better understand local economic opportunities and threats, and develop a shared understanding of the priorities for action and investment.

Regeneris also works with boards and stakeholders to develop strategic objectives and action plans to deliver strategic priorities.

Regeneris has appraised many projects and provided advice on schemes to enable local growth. We support economic partnerships evaluate the impact their schemes are generating and provide evidence to demonstrate the value they are creating in the local economy.

Questions we help economic partnerships answer:
  • Which projects will offer us the greatest value for money?
  • How can we strengthen our funding bid to ensure its makes the strongest possible case?
  • What are the most important growth sectors and locations where we should focus our support?
  • What are the important gaps in our skills, infrastructure and property offer?
  • How effective have investments been and how can we further enhance their impact?



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