Assessing the social value delivered by Groundwork in Greater Manchester

Groundwork in Greater Manchester, a social enterprise working in the City Region, has recently published a report produced by Hatch Regeneris.  The report demonstrates the positive social impact they are delivering to communities in the City Region and provides a framework for measuring future impacts.
Working locally and nationally, Groundwork seeks to transform the lives of the UK’s most disadvantaged communities through social and environmentally focused activities. These centre around:
·                 creating better, greener places
·                 improving people’s prospects
·                 promoting greener living and working.
The organisation wanted to understand and measure what impact their work has had on the communities they work with and be able to continue to measure this in the future.
Social impact is a measure used to quantify the relative importance that people place on changes in their lives, some of which can be monetised. It goes beyond the common financial and economic measures to demonstrate overall value to society. Improving quality of life and life chances for residents is a top priority for all 10 local authorities in Greater Manchester and Groundwork aims to support this through its projects and programmes.
Hatch Regeneris worked with Groundwork in Greater Manchester to calculate their social impact in 2017/18 and develop a framework for measuring future impacts. The report found that Groundwork has delivered a strong series of social and economic outcomes, achieving a total net social impact of £11.1m in 2017/18.

Assessing the impact against the resource base generated an impressive Social Return on Investment of £2.60 for every £1 of recorded income in the 2017/18 financial year.  To find out more and for a link to the report, see Groundwork’s news story
If you’d like to speak to someone about this work, please get in touch with Gemal Mekki or Sarah Johannes.



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