We help higher education and research institutions communicate their economic contribution, attract investment and secure planning permission.

We help research and academic organisations articulate the contribution they make locally and nationally in terms of spend, investment, skills and research.

Our team constructs a compelling narrative including evidence of student and staff numbers, estate management, research facilities and business engagement to provide universities with the insight needed to influence stakeholders.

Regeneris also evaluates higher education programmes and projects to measure performance, identify areas for improvement and report achievements to stakeholders. We enable institutions to plan for the future by developing funding applications and sharing our insights into innovation, skills and labour market priorities.

Questions we help research and academic institutions answer:
  • How can we measure our economic and social value?
  • How can we make a successful business case for our initiative?
  • How will our expansion plans boost the local economy?
  • How can we demonstrate our academics’ contribution to the knowledge economy?
  • How can our graduates contribute to local labour markets and enterprise culture?


Receive our latest thinking on economic and social impacts on people, places and economies.