Property & Infrastructure Developers

We help land owners and developers secure planning permission and obtain investment.

Regeneris assesses economic and social impacts, and generates robust evidence on the need for new property and infrastructure developments.
We develop the economic case for large residential, commercial and infrastructure schemes. The economic case is then used to unlock public funding and secure planning consent.
We work on complex and sometimes contentious developments, and regularly provide expert witnesses at planning appeals.

Questions we help property and infrastructure developers answer:
  • How can I make the economic case for my development?
  • What will be the economic benefits locally and nationally?
  • How many, and what types of employment will my development stimulate?
  • What is the objectively assessed need for housing locally?
  • What are the potential negative effects on local people, facilities and services from our schemes? And how can we mitigate them?


Receive our latest thinking on economic and social impacts on people, places and economies.