We work with central and local government and devolved administrations to inform strategic priorities and evaluate programmes of investment.

Regeneris works with government bodies to understand the challenges facing the economy and to advise on the priorities for investment. We evaluate major national programmes of investment using sophisticated research and analytical techniques to identify additionality and assess value for money.

Our evaluation and research support services have explored European funding programmes, finance schemes, broadband initiatives, energy projects and innovation programmes.

Our national government clients include the departments for Communities and Local Government, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Culture Media and Sport, Environment plus Food and Rural Affairs. Regeneris has worked for Welsh Government and Scottish Government and for many local authorities across the UK.

Questions we help government departments and local authorities answer:
  • Where should government invest public money for the greatest return?
  • Which elements of our programme have performed best?
  • How should we rebalance priorities?
  • How strong is the case for investment in our scheme?
  • What should be our growth priorities?


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