We help charities and social enterprises to understand and quantify the value they generate and the difference they make.

Regeneris regularly helps third sector organisations assess their social and economic impact and make the case for funding. We help small local trusts right through to some of the UK’s most famous charities.

We evaluate the support they deliver to their clients and undertake research to help inform changes to service delivery and to lobby for change. Our insights into the unique pressures and priorities of the sector help us prepare strong business cases which  unlock new funding.

The Regeneris social commitment is our way of giving back to the communities we operate in and each year, we work with selected charities on a pro-bono basis.

Questions we help charities answer:
  • What is the impact of our activities on service users and the wider economy?
  • Has our pilot scheme achieved its aims?
  • How can our local community better work together to deliver services and affordable housing?
  • Who are our potential clients, and how well are we engaging with them?
  • How can we secure major investment for new facilities?


Receive our latest thinking on economic and social impacts on people, places and economies.