We provide businesses with evidence on the impact they have. We help them secure investment from the public sector, gain publicity and secure planning permission.

We have worked with some of the UK’s biggest and most influential businesses to help them articulate their economic and social impact nationally, regionally and locally.

Our clients use this information to build their brand value, win work, secure influence and unlock investment opportunities. We help companies develop applications and business cases for public investment and we help them secure permission for new property developments, energy facilities, arts venues, transport schemes and innovation projects.

Questions we help businesses answer:
  • How much of the local economy is sustained by our operations?
  • What would happen to the economy if we left the local area?
  • What is the rationale for the public sector supporting our expansion/diversification?
  • How can we demonstrate the scale of need for our new development?
  • How can we secure local support from residents and other businesses for our scheme?


Receive our latest thinking on economic and social impacts on people, places and economies.